Re: [videoblogging] The INternet of Video

On 16/09/2004, at 1:22 AM, Christopher Weagel wrote:

> It's not what he's talking about, but how he's talking about it.
> With a little research he could've found our group and work (and so
> could the people who left comments under his entry)
> and not approached the article like this was a big discovery.

lighten up everyone.

1. i surrounded it with <grumpy mood>. i was in a grumpy mood. i
signalled this, so there as irony and pissed off ness in there. but i
signalled it. much like walking into a pub and when someone asks "how's
your day been?" you reply "shitty" and everyone knows you'll probably
whinge about work for the next 1.5 beers.

2. As Christopher says, it ain't news. The sun's going to come up in
the morning too. As Christopher says, a few minutes online would find
this group, and numerous other commentators (Eli Chapman for example)
that have been discussing this for at least 2 years.

3. I'm not impressed by sloppy scholarship or reporting. Acknowledge
others, if you think its your idea, check around to see where it fits
with others.

Adrian Miles