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On Sun, 5 Sep 2004 16:43:21 +1000, Adrian Miles <adrian.miles@…>

>> The way I see this is a job for the Apple/Quicktime software
>> developers,
>> not a job for you and I. :o)
>> The player should have a button that saved all the different parts of a
>> SMIL presentation to your harddrive.d
> why? why not make the url visible so that it can be linked/used via the
> network?

If the user wants to save all the parts of a SMIL presentation in one
self-contained file it makes no sense to display URLs. That was what Jay
wanted after all. My point is merely that that functionality should be
provided by the SMIL player and not by the person who creates the SMIL
presentation. :o)

If the user wants to link to individual parts or reuse a part the URLs
should of course be available. I see this mostly as a job for the SMIL
player as well (failing that the URLs can be embedded in the visible
presentation of course).

>>> can we stitch WMV and MOV togther?
>> It should be possible in Real Player, but since Quicktime can't play
>> WMV
>> files it's not possible in Quicktime.
> what codecs does WMV use? or are they all Windows only? if there's a
> common codec then Qt will probably play it…

As far as I'm informed WMV use some very proprietary very Microsoft-only
codecs. Why Real Player and VLC can play WMV files, but Quicktime can't I
don't know.

(As a side note my spell checker wants to change 'Quicktime' to

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