Re: [videoblogging] The Videoblogging "Channel"

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004 19:08:17 -0400, kenyatta cheese <minitrue@…>

> Jay and I have an idea to create a single RSS feed of everyone's latest
> videoblog entries that can be downloaded to and/or played by iPodder,
> Radio
> Userland, NetNewsWire, p2ptv, or anything else that supports enclosure
> tags.
> Eventually, it could become a playlist of content that could be the basis
> for a "channel" of video in a time-shifted world.

Naturally I dicussed the exact same thing with Jay and Peter when we
talked about the video list at There are some issues
to consider.

The biggest is for the author to mark his videos. You can't just assume
that any links to a video file should be put in the RSS. The author may
link to videos that are not his own, just a reference not content and so
on. Grabbing all videos can become dangerous.

That's why there aren't enclosures in the videoblogging list. There is no
way to distinguish link to videos from video entries.

> In many ways, it's a descendant of Andreas' video ping project:

Instead of maintaining multiple lists you can just subscribe to the feed (as Steve suggest). That way you have one central
resource, and multiple uses. If anyone else wants to use the feed at they should knock themselves out.
By keeping just one central list authors only have to
ping/trackback/subscribe to one place, but get included in lot of
different applications.

> So first, I think we're asking if you would mind if we used your videos
> to
> start the feed.

That depends on how aggregators handle enclosures. If they start hitting
my video files every hour I can't do it. I doubt the aggregators are that
stupid though…
If they're clever enough to know only to download each video file once
then you can use my feed.

> Secondly, would Andreas be able to host it at It
> seems
> like more of a videoblogging or ourmedia project than an unmediated one.

First I have to say that Peter is the one hosting the domain. I'm just
coding the thing.
And yes! I would love to have enclosures in the feed,
but there are the problems I mentioned above (sorting links to videos from
actual video entries).

– Andreas

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