Re: [videoblogging] The Videoblogging "Channel"

> Hey ya'll.
> Jay and I have an idea to create a single RSS feed of everyone's >latest videoblog entries that can be downloaded to and/or played by >iPodder, Radio Userland, NetNewsWire, p2ptv, or anything else that >supports enclosure tags.
> Eventually, it could become a playlist of content that could be the >basis for a "channel" of video in a time-shifted world.
> This could become a trusted source for the latest videoblogs as well >as a steady source of video enclosures for project development.

So some of you may not know Kenyatta.
He does
I met him when he worked at MNN, the TV station where I work now.
Really, what he's asking is….do you mind if we try to create a
system so more people can watch your videos?
Kenaytta is working on a very cool project that will make this happen
very easily.

The only issue is one that Steve brought up last month.
he also found a clever way solution.
If people automatically download videos from your blog with an
aggregator, they will only get your video.
No text post.
So Steve asked, "arent they taking the video without the context of
the text post?"
So that is why making videos self-contained is important.
Steve now does his "this is Steve from".
Also I add some text at the beginning and end to let people know from
which blog the video came from.

we already have an RSS feed of the videoblogging group…this will
just puts the videos in enclosures so people can watch them on their

Andreas…I'll talk to Peter in India and make sure he doesnt mind.
you undersatnd what kenyatta needs?