Re: [videoblogging] Themed collaborative project – LET'S DO IT!

> Kind of project seems to have some interest. I'm not so clear on how all of
> this would work.
> What are the obstacles? Posting / space / continuity? Seems others here
> have more of a clue than I do.
> Jay, you indicated the last attempt at this resulted in a stalled project.
> Perhaps if we get commitments from folks up front. X number of us agree to
> have a piece on topic complete by Y day ready for remixing. How many folks
> are on the list? Who would commit to a group project with a set deadline?
> Seems if we just try to do something and hold each other accountable we
> might get somewhere.

Yeah, Felicia…the problem is not commitment.
we got that.
the problem isnt making video.
many of us are making/posting video pretty regularly.

the problem is the one you referred to last week:
all the video is in separate places.
its kind of jumbled.
so the question remains…how can I see it all in one place like a TV show?
(im not even sure we're all in agreement in this goal)

Andreas made a very cool "video comment" tool that worked…but just
didnt seem easy enough to use. it used pingbacks which is not
supported by all blogs.
(he's a full-time grad student and has done an amazing amount of
participation/leading over these months).

Josh Kinsberg created viPodder…a video aggregator…but its very
primitive and not really useable yet.

so, becasue of storage/bandwdith issues…each video must be stored separately.
Andrian is now suggesting we do some kind of RSS aggregation…which
would lead into some kind of player…but its all kind of hazy for me

How do we make video togther on common themes?
I dont know what the answer is.

can anyone answer better than i can?
how can we make and see all our videos in one place like a TV show?
automated of course….