Re: [videoblogging] Uniqueness of Video Blogging

On 18/11/2004, at 5:44 PM, Jay dedman wrote:

> First, I agree with Randy.
> video is just much more intimate….faces tell us everything.
> i lie through teeth here…but if you see me speak…youll know
> everything.

ok. i've got a fever, been in bed most of the week so here we go.

um, bill clinton saying on tv that he didn't have sex with monica. um,
*any* politician on tv most of the time. please, where does this
nonsense come from. you can lie in any medium, it is trivial to do.
video is no closer to human essence than anything else.
> but what you said above is important.
> videoblogging seems to be best when its personal.
> it feels uncomfortable to make..but i get the most compliments when im
> revealing…with style of course.
> and our group does seem to want to build togther…becasue a single
> videoblog is lonely.

agreed with this. blogs have demonstrated this. they are quotidian,
personal, idiosyncratic and multivocal. videoblogs ought to be the
same. easy to say, hard to do, i've certainly never managed it.
> david Balcom sent me a great email last week where he noticed
> something similar to you:
> "You didn't mention blogs in your post, but I know your posse have
> adopted the videoblogger moniker, so just wanted to comment on that:
> this system isn't a blogging system, right? You're moving past the
> one-to-many world of blogging and into a collaborative shared space,
> more wiki in nature but with a more directed voice. I think you're
> outgrowing blogging as a term — I think the fun of collaborative video
> is dialogue, not monologue. But that's just me."

over and out from the grumpy bastard down under

Adrian Miles