Re: [videoblogging] Vblog Central

Hello Shannon, Jay, et. al.,

vBlog Central is not quite alpha yet. Yancy Lind [], who has been helping us with pre-alpha testing (among other things), sent e-mail to this list and managed to get our site noticed a little before we were ready. (I'm not complaining, Yancy…)

We are updating the servers this week (in fact there may be some down time in the next few hours) and will create accounts for the first alpha testers any day now. We will start out with a small number of testers and then add more as we get more comfortable. We will be giving priority to people who have contributed to this list.

The service will be free for alpha testers, but we will need to limit storage and bandwidth usage. We have not finalized a pricing model, but we are investigating several options. We'll be soliciting input on pricing on our site in the near future.

I don't want to "promote" what we are doing on this list, but I will answer any questions/issues that are brought up. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions, issues, or suggestions.

So, to answer Jay and Shannon's questions:

>How much control and access would I have to my own material

We do not plan on placing any limits on control and/or access for paying customers (or alpha testers). We have talked about free, advertising-supported plans, but figure most folks on this list don't want ads.

> and do I like the "streaming" way of showing my stuff? Not sure.

vBlog Central is built using a media server that Catalla has spent 5 years developing. The underlying technology supports both "true streaming" (such as rtsp) and "psuedo-streaming" (http) and is configurable on a per-movie basis as to which "delivery method" is used. For the vBlog Central alpha, we have (somewhat arbitrarily) configured the system to use HTTP for Windows and Real, but RTSP ("true streaming") for QuickTime. This is one area where we are looking for feedback. There are pros and cons to each method (I could start a thread on this list with a list of pros and cons…)
>One thing I noticed on the sight was that when I went to view a number of the vBlog list of those using the service so far that there were a number of these messages "The movie specified cannot be found."

These sites were mostly for our own testing and weren't really meant as demo sites. Now that we have become visible (and you reminded me) I removed all references to movies that no longer exist. (We'll also be deleting the music videos shortly.)

>sean milligan is the creator of Vblogcentral.

It's Gilligan, like the island 😉 I'm only one of the creators of vBlog Central.

>in this alpha stage, he offers uploading and compression(?) and hosting.

Yes, you upload a "master" movie and we compress to multiple formats on the server. Once the compression is finished an entry is made in your existing blog (using XML-RPC) and the video can be played in multiple formats.

>what do you need more in a videoblogging service?
>i can think of one:
>an editing tool.

Jay has explained to me why he thinks this is important and we are considering it for a future release. I'd love any other feedback about needs for this feature.

— Sean

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