Re: [videoblogging] Vblog Central

On 04/08/2004, at 12:07 PM, M. Sean Gilligan wrote:

> Yes, you upload a "master" movie and we compress to multiple formats
> on the server. Once the compression is finished an entry is made in
> your existing blog (using XML-RPC) and the video can be played in
> multiple formats.

is the compression customisable by the user? multiple format is ok but
relies on a very limited notion of delivery. it assumes that we're
putting up simple video (sound + image track). It would be good to use
a service like this for interactive work in QT (for example) where qt
is the only outcome but where compression will not break things like
sprite tracks and so on.
>> what do you need more in a videoblogging service?
>> i can think of one:
>> an editing tool.
> Jay has explained to me why he thinks this is important and we are
> considering it for a future release. I'd love any other feedback
> about needs for this feature.

capture, set in and out point. add credit sequence. post to blog (which
could compress at same time or compresses then connects to server).
allows standard entry of stuff into yor blog template.

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