Re: [videoblogging] Vblog content

> Jason is interested in the ephemeral and the types of knowledge / skills
> that may be lost as generations shift. He came up with the idea of "Simple
> Living Tricks". Documentation of simple tasks, knowledge, or ways of doing
> things that are small and inconsequential and that we don't notice until
> they are gone. The way my grandmother made donuts is one of those things.
> I like the concept of an exquisite corps that someone was working on and I
> think questions of the day could be interesting.
> It would be cool to eventually have the opportunity to post video the way
> Flickr posts photos and to have the ability to sort by topics and thems and
> pull together ephemeral pieces based on material from various sorces.

Hey felicia–

these are good questions.
First, i like the idea of recording daily tasks.
great idea.
becasue its about people.
lets get Jason doing it.

about formats for videoblogs.
we discussed this back in the summer…but its appropriate to bring it back up.
i think our group seemed to shy away from TV-like formats.
everyone started doing kind of experimental personal storytelling.

however, how do you gather an audience?
you have a predictable format.'
you choose a topic and produce it regualrly.
like mica could do a videobog each week on how to prepare one of her
crazy delicious organic meals.

at BloggerCon(im by the Pacific Ocean as we speak), i realized how
podcasts have exploded becasue each blogger picks a themem and does a
"show" on that theme.
movie reviews, sextalk, gaming, new music…etc.
they copy radio…and people get it.
like andreas will say, its nothing new.
but its good to hear people's voices and i got to say that i enjoy them.

so what my point?
i bet videoblogging would benefit from regular, formatted "shows".
but i bet people in this group will bristle to this idea.
and I like that my videoblog is kind of all over then place.
as more poeple join, and tools become easier, some poeple will
probbaly do just this and probably get pretty popular.