Re: [videoblogging] Vblog content

Adrian Miles wrote:

> if you want audience, serialisation, and 'shows' go for it, use
> syndication. i think using aggregation to achieve this is 1000% more
> interesting than centralising which is what the above sort of models.
> blogs work because they're decnetralised. why reintroduce old media
> structures into a distributed network that works because *all* bits are
> distributed?
> this is where the rss/aggregation stuff is critical. imagine we all
> made a 60 second bit called "Christmas" and then aggregated that.
> that's a show. that's a new sort of show and that is what we ought to
> be worrying about

I totally agree. It is very close, I think. Today I found this:

It's a collaborative movie. A very abstract one, but that's what the
tools are limited to now. But it's amazing what can be done even given
the limitations we have now.