Re: [videoblogging] video comments

Thanks for saving my university's bandwidth. :o)

And a very thoughtful comment – a nice cultural analysis and everything.
For those interested you can read about "The law of Jante" at:

Or for a little more positive outlook:

Personally I think I've been beat over the head with the Anti-Jante Law
that it has actually helped reinforce the Jante Law. Stupid parents who
wants the best for you. :o)

There was an article in one of the large Danish newspapers a while back on
digital photography. Some study showed that Danes are less likely to use
their digital cameras in public (compared to the USA) because they feel
ackward doing so. That's culture for you.

Aaaanyway, I live in Aalborg, not �rhus. You were close though. Aalborg is
only about an hour south by train. I chose to study here not because it's
only 50 km from my parents', but because it's one of the few places that
take a broad education in communication seriously. :o)

– Andreas

On Sat, 4 Sep 2004 11:20:47 +1000, Adrian Miles <adrian.miles@…>

> hi all
> i've added a comment to Andreas' SMIL comment system. 🙂
> fyi: i uploaded a mpeg4 to my server, then opened it via http in QT
> player, then did a save as to make a reference movie (under 50kb). the
> reference movie is what i put into Andreas's system.
> this means:
> 1. storage for Andreas is trivial
> 2. it is now delivered off my server
> 3. the reference movie simply retrieves the data from my server to play
> in Andreas' SMIL script

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