Re: [videoblogging] video permalinks (was vBlog Alpha tests)

>> Another vBlog issue: entries don't have URLs. The HTML has a URL, but the
>> video URL is obscured and is a one-use thing designed to prevent linking.

On Fri, 13 Aug 2004, M. Sean Gilligan wrote:
> Since vBlog Central allows you to post in multiple formats/speeds, a
> permalink mechanism should allow for the user (or an app they run) to
> choose a format that they can actually play.

For the most part the HTTP accept header is the place for this, however
there will be situations when a client needs a format-specific URL.

> Another issue is that some
> vbloggers may only want the video to be viewable with the text from
> their post and others won't mind the video being deep-linked.


> We think the videoblogging community would be best served by a standard
> mechanism for doing this within the context of RSS and/or Atom. Can
> anyone provide links to any existing work in this area?

Well, in most ways *we* are the standardizing force for web multimedia.
It's up to us to figure out what we need from an application perspective,
then dig into the standards to figure out how to apply them.

Can you talk a bit more about what functionality you're looking for from
RSS and/or Atom, Sean? My guess is that you're thinking about the
method of pointing to videoblog media in an entry element, is that right?

– Lucas