Re: [videoblogging] video permalinks (was vBlog Alpha tests)

>Another vBlog issue: entries don't have URLs. The HTML has a URL, but the
>video URL is obscured and is a one-use thing designed to prevent linking.

We have several methods of providing permalink URLs under investigation. I also know there has been some discussion on this list (and elsewhere) about how best to do this.

Since vBlog Central allows you to post in multiple formats/speeds, a permalink mechanism should allow for the user (or an app they run) to choose a format that they can actually play. Another issue is that some vbloggers may only want the video to be viewable with the text from their post and others won't mind the video being deep-linked.

We think the videoblogging community would be best served by a standard mechanism for doing this within the context of RSS and/or Atom. Can anyone provide links to any existing work in this area?

— Sean

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