Re: [videoblogging] Video-RSS?

On Sun, 15 Aug 2004 12:02:07 +0100, BJ Fletcher
<enlightenedtux@…> wrote:

> You know, you can use RSS for your pick-n-mix morning reading. We were
> wondering whether anyone has ever thought of RSS for not text, but
> videos?
> I suppose the easiest way would be by listing the addresses of new
> videos, with text describing them – if any.

You bet. If you go to: <> there is a list of
Recent Videos. Of course there are no real videos there yet since the
website just opened today, but there will be I hope.

Anyway, after the list of videos there is a small "RSS" icon. That's an
RSS version of the same list. There you will find (when people add their
videos) an RSS feed of recent videoblogging entries with descriptions. I
think it's pretty neat – now we just need people to send updates to the

– Andreas

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