Re: [videoblogging] Videoblog definition

> Is there a definition of 'what a videoblog is' that we all or mostly
> agree on?

Right now, a videoblog is just a need to share information, to connect.
It's also being done by people who know it's never been done.
a challenge.
one we're up to.

I believe that videoblogging is similar to the beginning of photography.
A small group of serious amateurs concocted the chemistry needed to make
photographs happen.
It was very very clunky and needed a lot of equipment and free time.
But it spread through Europe and into America.
People took mainly photos of themselves, their surroundings.
Portraits were a huge business. only professionals could really afford
camera equipment.
Companies sent photographers all over the globe to take pictures of exotic
lands. Most of humanity had never seen these places before…ever.
Then, a guy name George Eastman in Rochester NY developed a photographic
process that was dummy proof so everyone could take pictures.
and everyone did. it was cheap.
people took photos of their families. artists took different kind of photos.
business blew up with photo advertising.

now is videoblogging exactly like this? no.
but it's starting out with dedicated enthusiasts with tools and time. no
money involved.
now they have to find a way streamline the process.
make the tool, develop a community who gets it, and see what happens.
Let people play.

Videobloggers will be:
college kids will use it for pranks and some serious navel gazing.
families will use it to keep in touch across the country.
the extroverts who discover the videoblogging tool will bring even more
attention to themselves. they'll be definite stars.
Activists will use it to spread realities and witness…because video is the
most rich information we can record other than real life. think Rodney king.
minority and subculture groups will use it to connect to each other.
it'll be the weirdest and hottest new dating tool.

I believe Videoblogs are best when they're short and spontaneous. easy to
we all tire of TV because it's so filtered.
Videoblogs also allow you to express yourself to people in ways you might
not do in person.
Just like a text blog.
And just like a text blog, i can be face to face with people all over the
world. I can get a sense of place, see the lines on the face, truly be in
their moment. Just by sitting in front of my computer. Nothing between me
and them. And this has never happened to humanity…ever.

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