Re: [videoblogging] Videoblog definition

> Is there a definition of 'what a videoblog is' that we all or mostly
> agree on?

For the article I'm still thinking about I wrote a small definition. It's
very loose at the moment.

What is Videoblogging
The videoblog is a subset of the more typical blog or weblog. Weblogs
started out as a form of personal website. They consist of frequently
updated posts arranged in reverse chronological order. Each post can stand
alone. Usually the reader can add comments to each post. For a more
thorough explanation on weblogs see: XXX [this is where I'm supposed to
add a reference].

A videoblog is simply put a weblog where the focus for the post is on a
video segment. The written text exist mainly to provide a context for the
video. Unlike the traditional weblog where the written text exist mainly
to provide context and/or context for the links. Other weblog sub-genres
exist for other types of expression: Photoblogs for photos and audioblogs
for pure audio.

The blog structure is not only being used for personal websites anymore.
Both corporations and political candidates are using the blog structure to
show that their websites are dynamic and frequently updated. I will only
focus on personal websites in this document. The reason is that with
corporations, organizations and political candidates the blog is a part of
a larger market communication and organizational structure. Therefore it
is more complex than a personal website and beyond the scope is this

– Andreas

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