Re: [videoblogging] Videoblogging manual forum or wiki?

> It's beyond the goal of the site. is
> meant as a more polished way into videoblogging. :o)
> But fear not! Peter put up a videoblogging wiki a long long time ago (way
> before It's at <URL:> but it
> looks like the database is temporarily dead. There is some good
> information there (once it gets working again).

i agree with andreas.
the site is for our finished work.
tools. (andreas…we should put up the tools youve made)
and an FAQ (im working on this)

Peter did create a Wiki a while ago…then no one really used it.
but now is the time.
Peter…youre the wiki expert.
( a WIKI is just a website that anyone can edit…)
lets start another one.