Re: [videoblogging] videoblogging website

RE: videoblogging website

> Thumbnail of what? Me? A video?
thumbnail of your latest video.
> Who chooses the thumbnail?
an RSS feed will grab the thumbnail you create for the video on your site.
> Where is it hosted?
the site is hosted on Peter's server…people click on the thumbnail and go to
your site so the video's in context.
> Who chooses what you link to?
be more clear?
we link to your videoblog.

Peter and Andreas. Jump in here if this info is not correct.
we will do an RSS feed to your videos only.
everytime you make a new video, it will update the window on the website.
peter and andreas (i think) figured out a way to just grab updated videos.

I like
however, is more an extension of what we're doing in this
discussion group.
we're trying to educate people on videoblogging.
the videoblogs are just examples of what they are.
the purpose is to get other people videoblogging.
so much of the site will be explaining how its done.

if you want, you can just kick back and see how it unfolds and add your
videoblog later.
but Id really like those interested to write about their experience/process
that's what is important if we want more voices out there.

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