Re: [videoblogging] videophones and personality

> V2 ( is my next experiment and I'm now using
> ExpressionEngine and a Nokia 3650. So it's videomoblogging or
>movideoblogging – whatever, much easier now (I can even edit in-camera sort
> of).

can you explain what ExpressionEngine is and does?

also, last week we were going back and forth about videophones and
a guy in France shoeds us that they had phones that can do it.
Ryan in CA said its possible here.
Explain the process of capturing, editing, and posting to your blog.
How much does it cost to upload?
example of what it looks like?

> The aspect that's difficult for me is not technical, but more of a
> philosophical one. It seems
> to me that to be a good blogger, one needs to get quite personal. I was
> hoping to be
> anonymous which is counter to the whole blog thing.

You make a great point here.
Its got to be personal…but doesnt mean you have to star in in.
Just your personality must come out somehow.
your view of the world whether it be funny or serious or weird.
not enough examples of videoblogs to show you.
not yet anyway.
you cant go wrong really as long as your posting video.
just stick the camera in people's faces..or your own.

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