Re: [videoblogging] vogfeed

I agree — your solution is a good idea.

I like that it gives the author more control over what they would like
to include as an enclosure in their feed. What we need is a good
plugin for popular blogging platforms (MovableType, Blogger, etc), and
widespread user adoption (not so easy). The only thing that bothers me
in that respect is that the solution relies on the user having some
knowledge of HTML and to slighlty change their normal behavior. That
is not to say that people won't adopt it…

What would really help would be something in the authoring interface
that allows users to "add enclosure" by either uploading a file or
entering a URL. Then it would write the HTML for them to copy and
paste into their blog entry.

I'd be happy to work on a MovableType plugin to look for
'rel="enclosure"' in the blog entry and add an enclosure to the RSS
feed. I think it could be done rather quickly by modifying Brandon
Fuller's MT-Enclosures plugin. Not sure how to extend the MT authoring
interface, but could figure it out I'm sure.


On Tue, 26 Oct 2004 16:04:38 +0200, Andreas Haugstrup
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> On Mon, 25 Oct 2004 15:21:56 -0400, kenyatta cheese <minitrue@…>
> wrote:
> > So I decided to not Solve The Problem in exchange for Getting Something
> > Done. Vogfeed provides Josh with a second semi-regularly updated feed of
> > posts with media enclosures with the help of all of you. (Demandmedia is
> > the first.)
> I obviously don't think your implementation is a good idea. You know it's
> not a solution. the result will be that once the problem is solved it'll
> be much harder to get everything fixed (because some people will be
> relying on broken solutions).
> Anyway, I took the liberty of Solving The Problem for you. I will
> implement the solution in the pingback client once I get time. You can
> implement as you wish. Now you don't have the excuse that the problem
> isn't solved. :o)
> Read all about it at: <URL:>
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