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On Tue, 26 Oct 2004 10:42:33 -0400, Joshua Kinberg <jkinberg@…>

> What would really help would be something in the authoring interface
> that allows users to "add enclosure" by either uploading a file or
> entering a URL. Then it would write the HTML for them to copy and
> paste into their blog entry.

Yes, that's imperative. People like me who handwrite everything in their
blogs would have no problems adding a simple rel="enclosure" to their
enclosure-links. Generally those who are stupid enough (like me) to
handwrite each page also care enough about their HTML to write it well.

But everyone else (the 98% who use software) need to have these options as
a part of their normal authoring process. There must be an option when
they upload files to use in an entry, and an option when they are creating
links in general.

Like when you upload a photo in Moveable Type you can choose if you want
to have it generate code for an embedded image or for a pop-up image.
That's one place where you should be able to choose if the file you
uploaded is an enclose, alternate version or just a normal file. (Moveable
Type is the only recent blogging software I have direct experience with,
and that experience is pretty much limited to adding an entry).

> I'd be happy to work on a MovableType plugin to look for
> 'rel="enclosure"' in the blog entry and add an enclosure to the RSS
> feed. I think it could be done rather quickly by modifying Brandon
> Fuller's MT-Enclosures plugin. Not sure how to extend the MT authoring
> interface, but could figure it out I'm sure.

That would be so very cool. Hopefully it could set a precedence for other
blogging software to follow. I will try to find a WordPress developer
mailing list (or something like that). Kenyatta mentioned an iPodder dev.
list. I must find that also.

– Andreas

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