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On Fri, 22 Oct 2004 19:17:06 -0400, Jay dedman <jay.dedman@…>

> now, i dont know how he coded it…but as auser i see how it works.
> all you coders…check out the code.

There are some logical problems with getting movies from any HTML page
(I've talked about these too many times to recount now), and I simply
don't believe that it can be done in a consistent and reliable manner
unless the videobloggers change the way they link to their own video files.

That script may work today, for the entry you're adding today, but I
highly doubt that it's a solution that works for HTML documents in
general. And *that* is what we need. I can write something that grabs any
video link from a website in two minutes, but that's useless – we need to
get the *right* videos. We simply can't make that distinction today with
the way people are linking to their videos today. That's why I've been
talking about this rel="alternate" for so long. That's why I've been
trying to explain the different kinds of links.

I can't check out the code used in the script. It gets executed on the
server so none of it reaches my browser.

– Andreas

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