Re: [videoblogging] vogfeed

> is it becasue so few servers support them?

Not servers, the blogging systems. None of them support enclosures out of
the box yet (except maybe Radio?).

> how do the audio people throw around enclosures so easily?

There are plugins out there to add this functionality – like the
MTEnclosures plugin I use with MovableType. But, the way it's implemented
is sloppy. Basically, every media element you link to is included in the
RSS feed as an enclosure. This does the job of adding your
podcasts/videoblogs to the feed, but it doesn't solve the problem of
differentiating between the media elements you WANT to spread via RSS.

How does this lead to problems? Well, let's say I like your latest
videoblog and I link to it from my site. If a person is subscribed to both
of our feeds, they've just downloaded your video twice. Oops! That's
costly bandwidth. And, it just doesn't make sense.

Things are getting better, though. For example, the MTEnclosures plugin
can now differentiate between internal and external (i.e. not hosted on
your site) elements.

> my iPod is filled with audio posts that were automatically placed on
> my iPod very beautifully.

Yes, and if you had a video player equivalent to the iPod, you could
pretty much do the same thing with videoblogs. We're past that stage. Now
it's time to create a system that allows users to tag SPECIFIC elements as
enclosures, and it needs to be integrated into the UI of the blogging