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>What does everyone think?

I'd like to help on this. I've been quiet on this issue because I'm still learning the background information, but I'm really interested in implementing enclosures for vBlog Central (

My thoughts are that we should define (or find an existing) set of tags that can list all the available formats the video is available in. The tags could either be directly in the feed, or could be in a separate XML document. Something like this:

<medialink type="video/quicktime" bitrate="384" width="320" height="240" href="blah">

It would also be nice to be able to get license information, e.g. Creative Commons, for revogging purposes, etc.

There is really no end to the amount of metadata about a movie that could be useful: Language of the audio track(s), content rating, etc.

There are probably at least 10 "standards" in this area we can choose from — or we could define our own. If we define our own we should start simple and make it extensible. If we choose one it should have a simple set of "required" tags and optional extensions to address additional types of metadata, such as audio language.

Leave it to me to open a can of worms, but if we are going to do video syndication we need an extensible framework for metadata. To summarize my approach:
1) Think of all the possibilities (for metadata)
2) Choose a framework
3) Start with something simple, i.e. what we need for enclosures
4) Allow for future extensions

If the pointy-brackets start taking over this list, we could start a new list for this topic.



p.s. Lucas and I had some discussions on this a while back. Currently vBlog Central puts a <javascript> tag in the blog entry, which resolves to an <iframe> which uses a selection screen and cookies to allow people to view the video in a variety of formats and speeds. The current default provides 6 versions of the movie: QuickTime, Real, and Windows formats, each in a 384Kbps and 512Kbps version. We plan on adding more formats (like .3GP for cellphones, or .mp4) in the future.

Lucas was annoyed that he couldn't parse out the video links because of the Javascript tag. (We didn't use the Javascript tag to hide the content, we did it to make things as easy as possible for both the blog author and blog readers.) We've been very busy finishing up some other things (so we can add more alpha users), but enclosure support has moved to the top of the list.

>Hold up a sec, Andreas.
>Before you start gracing the other lists with your charm, check out Lucas'
>post. He makes a really good point:
> > Lucas Gonze wrote:
>> It seems to me that these metadata issues are approachable but nobody has
>> taken responsibility for getting a finished solution all the way to the
>> finish line.
>> I wouldn't approach it as a thing about presenting a solution to various
>> groups, because the cat herd doesn't respond well to such an open ended
>> situation. Getting buy-in is half the project, doing a good job in
>> factoring the problem is the other half. A traditional way to deal with
>> this is to invite the people you need buy-in from to help with the
>> factoring — make an ad-hoc working group, in other words.
>A standard is a standard when a bunch of people get together and call it
>one. Should we help Andreas put it together into a tidy bundle before it's
>sent out into the world?

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