Re: [videoblogging] vogfeed

> > My thoughts are that we should define (or find an existing) set of tags
>> that can list all the available formats the video is available in. The
>> tags could either be directly in the feed, or could be in a separate XML
>> document. Something like this:
>> <medialink type="video/quicktime" bitrate="384" width="320" height="240"
>> href="blah">
>I could go with some clarification. Are you talking strictly syndication?

No, not strictly. I'm looking at using metadata about a media object that could
be represented by one or more web-accessible files. This metadata could be in:
(1) an RSS or Atom feed
(2) in an HTML page (or snippet)
(3) in a standalone XML document.

I haven't taken sides in the Atom vs. RSS debate — I think we need to support both,
but I do like the approach that Atom uses of using the same tags for syndication
and a web services API. It would be nice if we could use the same tags for all
three cases.

>In that case the current enclosures in RSS handles things just fine in my
>opinion… It handles file size and content-type.

What about bit rate and frame size? A feed reader may want to know if it is
practical to view the video on the current device (e.g. cellphone)

>If you're talking information in the HTML-part of a blog entry you've got
>it all. Different versions can be linked with rel="alternate". Eg.
><link rel="alternate" type="video/quicktime" href="" />
><link rel="alternate" type="video/mp4" href="mpeg.mp4" />

What about alternates for your new "enclosure" relationship? What about
alternates for the simple case of an external link?

>And so on. CC License will also be linked like this:
><link rel="license" href="linktocclicense" />
><link rel="copyright" href="linktolicense" />

Looks great. I suppose you could also link to a parseable XML license?
(e.g, If I'm looking for video I can use…)

>> There is really no end to the amount of metadata about a movie that
>> could be useful: Language of the audio track(s), content rating, etc.
>Again are you talking about inventing a new syndication format or are you
>talking about pulling info from the blog-entry? Because we can handle
>language just fine in HTML. :o)

I'm talking about putting info into both the blog entry and the syndication
format(s), and possible defining a standalone XML format that contains "all"
the meta data for a media object.

> > There are probably at least 10 "standards" in this area we can choose
>> from — or we could define our own.
>HTML goes a long way – unless you're talking syndication. HTML is not good
>for syndication. It's great for saving hypertext though. :o)

I don't want to make this any harder than it needs to be. If there's stuff
in HTML we can use that should be the first place to look. I'll do some reading…

>If it comes to inventing a new syndication format – something I don't
>think is necessary,

I agree.

> in my world the metadata should be embedded directly
>in the movie file not in a wrapper

But, you might want to know which movie file to load before loading one…
The metadata could (and some of it *should*) be included in the movie file itself.

> – I'd look to extending RSS 2.0. Mostly
>I don't see what RSS+enclosures is lacking on the syndication front.

I'm thinking that extensions (if necessary) to RSS 2.0 and Atom are *part*
of the solution.

> > If the pointy-brackets start taking over this list, we could start a new
> > list for this topic.
>Shouldn't that have been:
>if (pointyBrackets == TRUE) {
> createNewList();

Actually, it's more like this:

<xsl:if test="$pointy-bracket-discussion > $list-users-tolerance-for-pointy-brackets">
<xsl:call-template name="create-new-list">
<xsl:with-param name="subject" select="'Video Metadata and Syndication'" />



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