Re: [videoblogging] vogroll 3 test

On Sun, 5 Sep 2004 16:36:40 +1000, Adrian Miles <adrian.miles@…>

> so, are we going to run with this?

[X] yep, i prefer video in the vogroll
[ ] yep, i prefer audio only in the vogroll

> i'll make up a tutorial on how to compress to the appropriate data rate
> to make this viable. and let you know. but it won't work if you don't
> make some content for it….

I'd really like a tutorial. Sometimes I feel pretty lost when working with
all this video-stuff.
And I promise I'll make a video. I really promise for real this time.

If someone can figure out a way to embed movies in an XHTML document that
would rock too. <embed> is not a part of XHTML so I won't use it (I need
to keep my documents very strict). I don't know how to make <object>
reliable over a wide range of browsers…

– Andreas

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