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On 02/07/2004, at 6:02 PM, Andreas Haugstrup wrote:

> Can you elaborate a bit on this? It sounds very interesting about how
> the
> context will change.

just think about phones. once you had a fixed object with a nnumber
attached. to use it you had to be wehre the object was. you had a
number for work, home, and so on. change homes, numbers change. etc.

then we got mobile telephony. now the network follows you. so we get
sms, originally a business application but now a social tool.
theoretically we have one number that can follow us, through homes,
jobs, and locations. it becomes a personal object, decorated, ring
tones, and so on. we've added radios, music players, cameras and video
to it. WAP too.

So, with wireless everywhere, devices will no longer be singular
things. already you could make your fridge talk to yoru bluetooth phone
with a shopping list, so with video, and images and sound. they could
be recorded from any device. add a video camera to your ipod, with

i was in switz. got sms coverage on top of mountains. imagine wireless
up there. shoot, publish. do i want to lug arund a big camera? maybe,
but domestic level, from my phone, my gps system, my walking stick.
hell, i even saw a swiss army knife that had a blade and a USB
keychain, soon it will be bluetooth.

the problem for designers is, what to put where and why. like sms (and
blogs for that matter), it will emerge but probably won't be predicted,
but once anyting can talk to anything, and you can send data from
anywhere, what objects will we develop with what functions to do this?
("hey, look at this" as i turn on my live video feed from my car, or it
auto records the last 3 minutes for purposes of accident investigation,
archived remotely….)

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