Re: [videoblogging] where to find media feeds

> It's great that videobloggers can ping this site. I think the next step
> would be to provide an RSS feed of the "recent videos" list — so users
> can subscribe to a list of recently updated videoblogs, and other
> directories can incorporate your data.

already done.
(we should probably post this on the site)

>I didn't see a feed in your XHTML header. If you do syndicate the
> site, you should provide a link to the RSS/XML file in the header, so it
> can be read by browsers and other internet devices:

> You should also place a manual link to the feed somewhere on the page
> itself, so users can copy/paste the link into a news aggregator. I see you
> do have an "RSS" button, but it doesn't link to the feed.

We all need to thank Andreas of for throwing up our
videoblogging site.
i dont if theres a reason for it being the way it is.
probably just becasue he built it very fast one weekend.
maybe he'll read this and see the recommendation.