Re: [videoblogging] why oh why?

> I'm a bit perplexed at the moment with this process. I hooked into this
> because
> I like the notion of working in an open environment where I can verbalize
> my thoughts and make a sketch and then get comments from an open audience.
> Instead, I check in here and see people responding to the content of the
> work internally. What turns people off of the comment section of the blog?

this is a good point.
none of this has ever really been talked about or planned.
I like getting comments on my posts..but when i get a comment on my
blog…it goes into my email..then i respond with that person via email.
so commenst never have really worked for me.

Plus, if i comment on your blog…i cant be sure that everyone will see it.
but if i post on the email list..i know everyone sees it.

we made the website to bring togther all our work in one place…
we thought about putting a comment board there…but we all decided not to
spread ourselves out.

yes, i have been obsessed by being able to watch all these videos on TV.
( i fianlly undersatnd how itll work and will explain soon)
i like the idea that videoblogging could coopt the TV experience that people
seem to love.
so let them watch TV, but let it be the stuff that is made by other people.
anyone with a camera, an internet connection, and creativty will be a part.

andreas came up with version 1.0 of video comments.
sounds to me like this is the vision you have.
(the original idea came from your "exquisite corpse" game)
and a couple smart people are actually working on making it a reality.
you'll be able to post a video and other people respond in video
format…but you see it all in one place.
for me, i guess its frustrating right now that i have to jump around to see

the conversations we have in the videoblogging group can only be had here.
we each have our own world in our videoblog because each of us does have a
different twist on what we want.
but we meet up here to share what connects us all.

we've been doing this for what 3-4 months?
theres still a lot to be done.
how do you see it all developing?
im still unsure how we can make our interactions fuller.

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