Re: [videoblogging] you keep the file that you want to share using BitTorrent

> I'm not sure that my cable modem provider allows use of computers
> connected to the net to be servers.

huh, id like someone to answer this.
my cable company gives me an always-on connection.
could they stop me from sharing files…as long as they are not copyrighted?

>Now that there are 100's of podcasts, I find it overwhelming to think
>about sampling these new shows.

you speak the rtruth.
i spent the better part of the day using iPodder to download
everything and listen.
most of it sucked.
this sounds like the problem we have in Community TV….
a person can put anything on TV..but its so much freedom…that most
of it sucks.
YET the point is that people are making the media.
adam curry, i listen to everyday becasue he's consistently good.
he's having a conversation with us.