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> > V2 ( is my next experiment and I'm now
> > ExpressionEngine and a Nokia 3650. So it's videomoblogging or
> >movideoblogging – whatever, much easier now (I can even edit in-
camera sort
> > of).
> can you explain what ExpressionEngine is and does?

ExpressionEngine by pMachines is a php based CMS/Blog tool that is
their latest product. Using predefined tags, a developer (blogger)
can set up his/her site to accept multiple blogs, moblogs, picture
and or video blogs etc. It is fairly easy to use from a blogging
standpoint with many many features. Also, it is fairly easy to make
work within your web design.

> also, last week we were going back and forth about videophones and
> videoblogging.
> a guy in France shoeds us that they had phones that can do it.
> Ryan in CA said its possible here.
> Explain the process of capturing, editing, and posting to your
> How much does it cost to upload?
> example of what it looks like?

IMHO, phones are the only way to videoblog! Examples of my blogs
(sent directly from my phone to my blog) can be found here:
As far as cost goes, you buy data minutes along with your phone
minutes. AT&T has many plans available. Each video is 15 seconds and
is about 100KB. The process goes like this:
1) Point phone at action
2) Press record
3) Create message
4) Attach clip
5) Send to specific address (email)
That's it!
2.5) press pause for "editing"

> > The aspect that's difficult for me is not technical, but more of
> > philosophical one. It seems
> > to me that to be a good blogger, one needs to get quite
personal. I was
> > hoping to be
> > anonymous which is counter to the whole blog thing.
> You make a great point here.
> Its got to be personal…but doesnt mean you have to star in in.
> Just your personality must come out somehow.
> your view of the world whether it be funny or serious or weird.
> not enough examples of videoblogs to show you.
> not yet anyway.
> you cant go wrong really as long as your posting video.
> just stick the camera in people's faces..or your own.

This forum and esp this messge has given me some ideas. Thanks for
letting me participate.


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