Re: What does Sean need from us? (was [videoblogging] conventions vs. standards)

At 2:45 PM -0500 8/20/04, Jay Dedman wrote:
>Sean is building a tool that lets the viewer choose the player.
>seems like this solves a lot of problems.
>what does he need from us?

Jay and Steve have been alpha testing and have given me a long list of homework assignments. We'll be making some changes next week that address (a small portion) of their feedback and some bugs we have found in our own testing. At that point we'll add about 5 more alpha testers and will be giving priority to people who have been contributors to this list.

Steve has posted videos here:

And Jay has posted a few tests to his blog, most recently this one:

We know there are currently image quality problems with our server-side (!) encoding and will be working to fix them. I'd love feedback if anyone has trouble choosing a player and getting it to play. What do people think of the UI and the in-blog approach to video? (The "click to play" violates one of my own proposed rules…)

I've had the dream of making Internet video publishing available to everyone in the world for over 5 years now and I think that videoblogging (vblogging, as I like to call it) is the way to do it. I think this list is a very exciting place and I'm trying to contribute in a variety of ways. Although, I would like to see vBlog Central become the leading hosting service for vblogs, I also understand that for vblogs to flourish, there needs to be a wider community, standards, conventions, searching, indexing, trackbacks, revogging etc.

I will try to respond to any questions about vBlog Central that come up on this list, but will move anything not appropriate to this list to one or more vBlog Central specific forums. I may make an occasional plug for vBlog Central when contextually relevant, and will try to make it clear where I am doing this (like delineating it with <promo> tags) Sometimes I feel like I'm walking a fine line.

If I cross the line, please let me know.


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