RSS question


you guys know me…..Eric has some good questions about RSS.
any takers?
I want to know the answers too.
From: Eric Botticelli <eric9897@…>
Subject: RSS
To: Jay dedman <jay.dedman@…>

I'm having some trouble figuring out RSS. I'm using's B2 logware.

I believe there's some option that is defaulted for
rss to be off. I've combed through b2config.php,
b2edit.php, b2header.php, b2options.php, b2rss.php,
b2rss.xml, b2rss2.php, b2rdf.php, blog.header.php, and
index.php to try to figure out what's wrong.
An interesting find was when I opened up b2rss.xml it
said "this file is blank because you either don't use
the RSS function, or you forgot to ChMod that file
(chmod 666)"
Any help appreciated.

Also, a conceptual question… how do RSSs,
Trackbacks, Pings and Permalinks inter-relate?


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