so where are we?


okay, so we know we can post video in our blogs.
its kind of clunky but it can happen.
for me, the whole process really hinders the intuitive flow of text
and we still havent figured out the problem of storage and bandwidth.
i hear about "bit torrent" but where's the beef?

am i crazy to want a videoblogging tool that does it all for me?
so i can focus on the moment I capture or movie I create.
one for windows, one for macs.
just like everything else.
Posting the video should be zero thought and effort.

anyway, I like Adrian's idea: let's videoblog.
starting Sunday, I'm going to post a video a day.
subscribe to me in Bloglines or whatever.
who else is in?
let's see if any of this conversation is even worth.

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