The Comedy Extender

My friend Ravi Jain just made available an episode of his web-based
from 2002, Three Abreast.

I love this show. Ravi was way ahead of his ti=
me by triggering content
based on where you are in the movie. You can pau=
se the movie and visit
external websites. I hope you like it, it's got a =
catchy theme song
too. 😉

Click o=
n the episode "Couple o' Cousins", and then click "Current
Episode" and se=
lect "Comedy Extender Mode."

Here's what Ravi says about it:

"Three Abrea=
st <> is a web-based sitcom about my
life that utiliz=
es technologies unique to the Internet. The conceptual
and technological i=
nnovation of the work is a mechanism termed, =93The
Comedy Extender=94.

This feature automatically triggers dynamic content that complements
the =
video narrative, such as: background notes, links to related web
sites, an=
d downloadable material (MP3 files, text files, images). This
unique featu=
re is a direct extension of emerging narrative structures
that are heavily=
threaded with references. =93The Comedy Extender=94
acknowledges the mult=
i-tasking aesthetic of narrative that the digital
/ on-line culture has fo=

The storylines are drawn from personal experiences and it is fil=
inside my actual home, drawing comparisons to other identity strategie=
on the Internet =96 such as home web-cam sites. As the concept of
ity continues to evolve on the Internet, this work challenges the
viewer t=
o question what is real in the on-line =91space=92 of the Internet.

e Abreast enjoyed a whirlwind first run from March until July
2002. The si=
te is currently in hiatus, but will be 'relaunched' in some
form in 2004. =
Stay tuned! For now, you can watch the acclaimed fifth
episode – Couple O'=
Cousins (a exclusive!)"

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