The Videoblogging "Channel"

Hey ya'll.

Jay and I have an idea to create a single RSS feed of everyone's latest
videoblog entries that can be downloaded to and/or played by iPodder, Radio
Userland, NetNewsWire, p2ptv, or anything else that supports enclosure tags.
Eventually, it could become a playlist of content that could be the basis
for a "channel" of video in a time-shifted world.

This could become a trusted source for the latest videoblogs as well as a
steady source of video enclosures for project development.

The idea is that we'd install Eyebeam's reBlog software <>
on a server and subscribe to your RSS feed. Whenever it sees (cronjob) a
link to a video file in your post, it uses the MTEnclosures plugin
<> to turn the link
into an enclosure and publish it to the aggregated RSS file.

In many ways, it's a descendant of Andreas' video ping project:

So first, I think we're asking if you would mind if we used your videos to
start the feed.

Secondly, would Andreas be able to host it at It seems
like more of a videoblogging or ourmedia project than an unmediated one.



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I think Dave Winer wrote the best description of this years ago:

I guess they don't necessarily have to be in enclosures, but the enclosures
do help. If it doesn't have enclosures, we just have to write the code to
parse out media filetypes (.mov, .mpg, .mpeg, etc.) from the embed links but
that's a pain in the ass for a civilian coder like me.

Maybe you should point the typepad folks to a post to their own site:

The referenced mt plugin is here:

We need to move this conversation to the group.


> absolutely.
> but that's what im a little confused about.
> must the videos be enclosures for an aggregator to pick them up?
> we havernt figured out how to do enclosures.
> i asked Typepad and they didnt know what i was talking about.
> On Thu, 23 Sep 2004 14:28:34 -0400, kenyatta cheese <minitrue@…> wrote:
>> Let's do him one better. Let's send him the RSS to a videoblogging channel.
>> We set up the reblog software on the server and create an
>> RSS feed of nothing but videoblog entries pulled from all of the
>> videobloggers who want to join in. All we have to do is hack reblog to
>> periodically check for media enclosures in subscribed feeds and
>> automatically repost it in the rss feed.
>> Should we forward this email to the videoblogging group to see what they
>> think?
>> -kc.
>>> im going to send him the RSS for our videblog group.

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