totally impressed.

two things.

Peter, Im totally blown away by the player.
is this new?
ive neevr seen anything like this so forgive my ignorance.
this is exactly like what we spoke about today.
and it only took you two hours!!!
the only thing id like to see is the text below each video.
maybe the original text blog and even comments(with all the email links).
how can I do this.
you got to standardize it now for a schlub like me.

and Ryan put it perfectly:
"It's pretty exciting that open multimedia standards seems to be
gathering momentum: SVG, SMIL, MPEG-4… I hope to soon see the day when
someone can throw together a video production app as quickly as hackers
roll their own blogging tools today."

Who can we approqach to get this video production app made.
we're certainly getting the presentation part down….

Im most impressed.

Jay Dedman
Manhattan Neighborhood Network
537 West 59th
NY NY 10019
212 757 2670 ext.312