Okay, I need to give some perspective on this conversation.
I am not a programmer though I love hearing about people coming up with
solutions to technical problems.
What I am good at is using available media tools and teaching them to other
people(what i do for a living).
Creativity is difficult enough without having to worry about the tools.

I have a Typepad account that lets me blog.
I can upload a video as a file.
Then Peter wrote some code so I can link the video in my text blog.

So Steve, you have two separate host accounts?
one for your blog and the other for your video?
a good work around that saves bandwidth, but sucks it cant be all in one.

So starting this sunday, we start the "videoblog-a-day" week.
Andreas says he'll try to do a feed of our blogs.
We got three people signed up. Hope others join in.
Keep it simple. Focus on yourself or the people around you.
It's going to be cool to see who's out there.

Then after the week's done, we can see about hacking some better tools
By the way, Drazen (and probably Kenyatta and Eli Chapman and ?)has come up
with some new plans:
These guys have some very progressive and aggressive ideas of how to send
video around. I'd have to actually see it to understand it.
Last year, I helped them do a live TV broadcast from a par in Midtown
We used a camcorder and a laptop with a wi-fi connection.
We sent the feed to the local public access TV station.
They aired us talking in the park.
Looked pretty good. Basically doing what it normally takes a satellite truck
to do.
My co-workers and I joke about it, but all this is the "bleeding edge" my

Quoting Andreas Haugstrup <videoblog@…>:

> > Anyone wants to take this on? It would be ideal to automate this
> > central feed, but that might also be too much work. It'd also be a
> > good experiment with the pros and cons of various types of feeds…
> I've been busy thinking about SVG and not videoblogging, but…
> If everyone has either a SMIL template or an RSS (2.0 only, please) I
> can parse for timestamp and links I can make a script that
> creates a xhtml list and a central RSS feed. I have time to get this
> done Sunday before the American get out of bed. :o)
> Just send me a link to your RSS feed (with only the videoblog week
> entries) or SMIL file before 8am CET Sunday (that's… 2am
> Eastern Time).
> Disclaimer: I have no idea what a SMIL file looks like, but if it has
> a link and a timestamp it can't be too hard. :o)
> – Andreas
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