[videoblogging] Format Guidelines (was vogroll complaint)

At 8:24 PM +0000 8/18/04, Eric Rice wrote:

>This is an interesting point since there are varied loyalties to a variety of formats.

And, as Eric will probably agree, this will always be the case.

> What's it
>gonna be? Real? QT? WMV?

I don't think there is ever going to be a single answer. Besides loyalties there are some very valid arguments for/against most of the formats. Some are technical, like "QT has the best support for interactive media". Others are pragmatic, based upon installed base, like "By using Windows Media I can reach the largest audience".

One of the great things about this list is that we have different people using different tools in different ways and we all get to learn more about the pros/cons of each format.

>This has always been, and will always be, the issue with file formats, and I'm not convinced
>ANY efforts of open formats will ultimately solve this problem. Because in 10 years, I
>doubt any of this will matter. It'll all be different.

You're absolutely right. In the last several years QuickTime has gone from Sorenson to MPEG-4 Simple Profile, and will be going to the new H.264/AVC (http://www.apple.com/macosx/tiger/h264.html) within the next 12 months. Microsoft has managed to get their VC9 codec into the DVD HD standard. There are some interesting Open Source codecs on the horizon. Then there are the different formats available for mobile phones and other devices.

I have two sets of guidelines, I'd like to propose, one for discussions on the list, and the other for how to handle format choices in your vblog/vlog/vog/videoblog.

1) Accept that people will want to author and/or view with other formats and that the right solution may vary depending upon the application
2) Be open-minded about formats other than those you know and love.
3) Produce vblogs that highlight the advantages of your preferred format(s).
4) Work together to find ways for multiple formats to co-exist

The above guidelines actually describe the way the list currently works, and I think it is working very well!

1) Main blog pages should fall back gracefully if user doesn't have all
the plugins the page uses.
2) Provide multiple formats where possible/practical
3) Use web standards, such as XML, wherever possible
4) Other?

These lists should provide at least a starting point for discussion. (I'll address the vogroll issue in a separate post.)



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