videoblogging in India

Peter who helped start this group is now in India.
the goal is to videoblog his experinece…but he's finding it more
chanllenging than he thought.
he dropped a note.


I�m waiting for my videos to upload. I am in a so-called broadband internet
cafe. I�m uploading videos (between 3 and 9 Megs each), taken with my little
photocamera. I upload them through my Gmail account to myself (10M max per
upload), and Jay then optimizes them. We have to do this because hasn�t gotten their video-upload thing to work yet…..

You don�t really want to spend your time in internet cafes waiting for
videos to upload while travelling in India. I hope I find some fast internet
when I go check out the Akshaya project next week. It�s hard to blog on the
road. The setup is different (no Google toolbar, no Firefox).

very cool what he's doing.
we are a long way from everyone around the world taking part in our video
although i just heard that S.Korea is the most wired place in the world.
they get like 10MB bandwidth automatically….

Jay Dedman
Manhattan Neighborhood Network
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