Videoblogging server

> Peter and I(jump in here Peter..) want to rent our own
> server specifically for
> videoblogging.

Here's what we want to do in order to experiment with videoblogging for
a while. I figure that, to do videoblogging for real, we need something
like 30 Gigs of bandwidth a month per person available (I know it's hard
to estimate these things). (1 x 500K videoblogpost/day * 2000 views * 30
days = 30 Gigs a month).

1. I will rent a server.
I've been doing a lot of research (and I've hosted many sites with many
hosting services before so I have some experience) into hosting options.

2. I will invite a few people to join, maybe 5.
3. Each gets about 20-30 gigs of bandwidth/month and something like 200
Megs storage.
4. I will build some videoblogging specific tools (to make it very easy
to do things like stop deeplinking, to create entries, …) over the
next year.
5. Next year, if it works well for all involved, I might turn it into a
commercial hosting service optimized for videobloggers. (Did I mention I
quit my job and am looking for projects?)

Would anyone be interested in joining, paying like a $25 fee a month?
You could host your video on this server and just keep your own blog
where it is. I want to set this up within a month or two (before I go
travel in India). Questions? Suggestions? Should I change the specs
(more bandwidth? Charge less? …?)

If I get 5 people interested we can do it. You'd have to pay 1 year up