videoblogging: the Tv show

I need your help.
I am moderating a TV show on Friday, September 4th, from 6-7pm in Manhattan.
It's a 60-minute discussion.
The topic is "Blogging: citizen journalism".
I work at MNN, Manhattan's community TV station and this is part of our
coverage of the RNC.
There is a remote possibility that this could be simulcast on Freespeech TV,
a nationwide satellite channel.

We will be talking about blogging in general especially the coverage of the
conventions and this political season.
As you can guess, Im going to also champion the coming of videoblogs.
we'll show examples and discuss technology.

So I need suggestions from you as to who I could invite.
does anyone know any of the bloggers who were at the DNC or will be at the
or bloggers who cover the poltical scene?
I dont care what their politics are, but they probably need to be in the NYC

So please help me make this the first TV channel on videoblogging.
thanks, Jay

Some of you may know that I work at a community TV station in Manhattan.
You may also know that the Republican Convention is coming to our town at
end of August-early September.
Its a big deal.
We are planning extensive alternative coverage of the events surrounding

I am moderating a live 58-minute program on blogging.
The topic will highlight blogging of the convention, but we will also
specifically discuss videoblogging.
The air date is September 4th from 6-7pm.

I am looking for and contacting bloggers who will be at/outside the

if any of you will be in town, let's talk.
or if you know anyone who will be in NYC, let me know.

Jay Dedman
Manhattan Neighborhood Network
537 West 59th
NY NY 10019
212 757 2670 ext.312