videoblogging with Linux

I get an email from Michael Manoochehri
(…who just started his videoblog.
He does it in Lunix….
i asked him his process…so here it is…

(by the way, he's trying to figure out an open source player….is
there a player that any computer can use well?)


Q: why'd you start videoblogging?
you kind of came out of the blue.

A: You asked about Camera, Editing, Posting on Linux:

Camera: Canon ZR60 (cheap! refurbished!)

Editing: Firewire capture to my Linux Box (I basically use Slackware
10, Linux kernel 2.4.26, and compile most of the video programs from

For capture and most editing, I use Kino
(, which is really very
underpowered – but perfect for videoblogging! I wish that Adobe would
get off their asses and at least give the Linux people a build of
Premiere, I mean geez, us Linux guys might have 2.8% of the desktop
market share – thats a lot! Mac guys have 3-4%, right? For titles,
and stills, I use the Gimp (, and for any audio
editing I have to do I use Audacity
( If I need to do fancy
effects, such as on my "About" post, I composite the video using
Blender Media Composer ( All the software I
use is GPL'd (Free, Open Source Software), except for RealProducer,
and of course, the DivX codec has some patent issues.

I export my final edits to Mpeg, DivX, DVD VOB, mp3 and Vorbis
formats right from Kino. I wrote a little script that takes my Mpeg
video, spits out raw frames, and then encodes that to Real format. I
stream the real video and some of the DivX right out of my bedroom. I
still haven't quite figured out how to give the Mac people a QuickTime
format. Hmmm.

Posting: I currently use a hand rolled PHP/MySQL web backend, but I
may give that up and use Drupal (, which already
has Trackback, and a great comments system. I do enjoy the minimalism
of my layout, so I want to keep that! Somebody is working on a
videoblog module for drupal, I may ask around the list. I like the
system that some of the other use, Steve Garfield, for example has a
great TypePad setup. So, it is mostly automated, but I still upload my
DivX files and Audio Files by hand!

If I could 2 free nights, I could easily write some glue code to
better automate my system, but I have been so busy I haven't yet! The
other thing I haven't done yet, which I am supposed to do, is automate
"Bittorent" torrents for each of my posts. Maybe I can set up a
Bittorent Tracker for the group, to speed up downloads!

So why did I start VideoBlogging? I have wanted to for a while now,
but I just got my camera! I basically beleive that everybody should be
able to post media and have equal access to technology and viewers.

Ok man, I love this mailing list. I have learned a lot already!
Talk to you soon…
– Michael Manoochehri