Kenyatta created a vogfeed that takes my videoblog and creates my
videos into enclosures.
he just whipped it up.
subscribe to it and check it out.

why is this important?
well, Josh Kinsberg is working on viPodder.
he wants to create a special viewer for the videos you subscribe to.
this way….you open the viewer and watch all the videos you subscribe
to all at once.
no clicking around. like your own programmed TV channel.
this can only happen with an RSS feed that gives enclosures.
all of our blogs have RSS feeds, but none give enclosures….yet.

Kenyatta has shown it can be done successfully and easily.
(though I dont know how to do it yet)

now whether you want this reality to happen is another thing.
this method does take the video separate from the text post.
so choices will be made.
there is still time before all this comes together.
id like to hear what people think.