vogroll fallback (was Re: vogroll complaint (requires QT)

At 8:24 PM +0000 8/18/04, Eric Rice wrote:
>This is an interesting point since there are varied loyalties to a variety of formats. What's it
>gonna be? Real? QT? WMV?

1) Adrian is an interactive QT guru and is doing something really cool.
2) Adrian will continue working in QT and further enhance the vogroll
3) Nobody else is likely to produce anything like this in any other format in
the near future
4) Many of us would like to put the vogroll in our videoblogs
5) Many visitors to most of our blogs won't have QT installed and may
not want to install it.

Given the above, we should try to develop HTML code that can be pasted in a blog template that will use the vogroll QT movie if QT is already installed and fall back to a standard HTML vogroll if it isn't. The standard HTML could have jpegs, and/or animated gifs, or be text only.

I think this approach would be a good solution for most videoblogs.



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