vogroll questions

hi all

couple of questions.

1. the next version of the blogroll will experiment with childmovies.
this means there's a parent movie (the vogroll) and it will dynamically
load other content on demand.

this means you all have your clips on your own servers for the vogroll.
you can change them. add to them, etc. they can be as long (or as
short) as you wish. as long as they fit the data rate needed.

but, before i do this, we need to see if the bandwidth will work. so
i'd like to make a test one with say 5 clips. i'll provide the clips
but i need them stored on 5 different servers. that way with the test
we can see if a parrent movie calling in content from 5 different
places will actually work.

there will be a lag as the video is requested, but it should only be 2
to 4 seconds before something starts playing – *as long as the data
rate is ok*.

so, if you can host for me a video file, please let me know. i'll make
it, send it to you, and you need to email me the url where I can load
it from.

2. the source code for the vogroll. at the moment i send it out as it
'grows' you will have to change the source code on your pages. i can
provide the source code via my web site that you could then include via
a ssi insert, or other method. Those of you out there who know more
about this than I, what's the best way to do this?

Adrian Miles
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