weblog format

Take a look at this link for several reasons if you are interested:

It a list of bloglines rss feeds to one genera of weblogs that I think
are really cool.

1. If you are on the list and you dont understand RSS and how it
works, this is an rss aggragator and the interface is so good, I think
with just a few clicks you will understand immediately what is going
on with RSS and why people, not just robots are into it.

2. The sites that I have selected come from many different arenas but
I think you can see a thread of a particular kind of site that is not
people blogging about themselves and their eveyday lives. Thats one
thing. These sites are different.

These sites are mostly commentary on news and events. Often the
writers are a part of the news and events and so talk about their life
as it relates, the key point here being "as it relates" because most
of them do have a well defined format. There is an artistic slant
because many of them are interested in design and fine arts, and most
are interested in the latest technology.

Sites like Eyebeam's re-blog, waxy links, del.icio.us, kenyatta's
blogs, we-make-money-not-art, are interested in arts, tech and
internet culture and they are environments which thrive on identify
memes before they occur. In otherwords, its cool information and
interesting commentary on that information. Thats the format. Its
often timely or mentioned again and again.

The often sarcastic, casual and clever style of blogging and the
content therein, to wit, has been a major source of inspiration for
rocketboom format/material at this point.

Its a start.