why oh why?

Question: why do comments about specific video posts go here?

I read the group dialogue here off and on – but respond to it by making work
on my site sometimes.

It is odd that this forum is where people seem to be more comfortable making
comments about the work. Why is this? Is it just more comfortable than the
blog format? I don't write here because I would prefer a dialogue in an open
forum on my site – or others'.

I also read a solicitation here from someone who wanted us to make a
specific video for their presentation about this way of working…again, I'm not
sure if I understand why it needs to be pulled away from the process? Why
isn't it ok to use what's currently going on in the videoblog world instead of
creating something different?

I'm a bit perplexed at the moment with this process. I hooked into this because
I like the notion of working in an open environment where I can verbalize my
thoughts and make a sketch and then get comments from an open audience.
Instead, I check in here and see people responding to the content of the work
internally. What turns people off of the comment section of the blog?

This is a logistical thing. How can any of us make the comment section work?
Trackbacks…huh…wha? I wonder if we can make the entire system more
utilized? My. Jay's going to TV and I'm just trying to get every vein of what we
currently have going…

I'm off. thanks for suggestions. Or just for listening. Regardless, thanks for
looking at my site.