Wired magazine

Hi everyone! Haven't posted for a while.

A quickie: I'm writing an article=
for Wired magazine about permission culture. I
recently asked the studios =
and record companies for permission to include a
movie snippet or song in a=
home movie I was creating, and they all either didn't
answer or they said =

Which raises the question: Why should we need to obtain permission in =
the first
place? Historically, we've always borrowed from the culture aroun=
d us (as Larry
Lessig and others have argued). As we move from a text-centr=
ic world into a
world of sounds and images, why should we have to obtain pe=
rmission before we're
allowed to borrow even the tiniest video clip or musi=
c sample for inclusion in,
say, a home movie project?

So I'm wondering whe=
ther anyone wants to be quoted to that effect. You know, "I
don't see why .=
.. etc etc."

I've got the other POV well represented, so just looking to b=
alance the piece.

Would prefer a private email, but you can cc the list if=
you'd like.


JD Lasica